Sabado, Abril 28, 2012

Architects and Engineers Meeting with the PRC Chairperson

PIA NEWS, the JOINT Meeting between the architects and the Civil Engineers finally pushed through on April 24, 2012. The PRC Chairperson, Atty. Manzala, through the assistance of PRC Comm. Engr. Po convened the meeting between the two allied professionals, the architects and the Civil Engineer, aimed to finally settle the on going issues between the two. The UAP-IAPOA President Ramon Mendoza led our official representation, together with PIA President Joel Rico, Council Chairman Bert Nuke, Board of Architecture Boy Alli, and the rest of the delegates from UAP. while the civil engineers is led by their PICE President and PRCE Chairman respectively. The meeting went friendly and cordial, as the two professional organizations try to find ways to resolve its differences.

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